Telephonic Interview Tips

Phone Interviews have become a common tool for judging the suitability of job applicants and screening out those who do not match the job requirements. Hence, as a job seeker, you must not take the phone interview lightly which is the first phase of the interviewing process.

Just as you would prepare yourself for the face-to-face interview, you should also devote sometime for planning and preparing for the phone interview.

Time & Concentration Keep enough time aside for the phone interview and make arrangements so that you will not be interrupted through the course of the telephonic interview. Make sure you are completely focused and your whole concentration is directed towards the upcoming interview.

Preparation Keep a pen and paper handy to jot down important information that you may have access to during the phone interview. If you had applied for this position through a newspaper ad, keep the ad cutting in front of you along with a copy of your current resume.

Demeanor From the moment you take the call and till the time you end the call, remember that you are being screened. Hence, you must put every effort into conversing and communicating well with the interviewer. You should sound interested, excited and involved.

Listening Skills If there was ever a time when your good listening skills were needed, this is it. Don’t speak out of turn and especially while the interviewer is talking. Listen well to the interviewer and then answer questions clearly and confidently.

Seek Information The phone interview is often used as a means to analyze and judge the suitability of the candidate as well as know more about them. It also provides the candidate an opportunity to understand what the job entails. Hence, you must also ask questions tat will help you to know more about the prospective job as well as the Co, its policies and your ability to meet these requirements.


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